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random riding snaps.



TR Bikes ghetto booth


on stage

huge cheque

TR Bikes had a booth over at the RunBikeSwim and boy weren’t we ghetto. 5 bikes, 1 table and a few stolen chairs. i was also lucky to have won the merit award for the photo comp organized by the people of RunBikeSwim.



empty roads


lim chu kang, again

“where the fuck is wan”

‘new wheel’

hakim’s Nitto rack came in handy

went for a usual KKK far friday ride with our minivelos & that night has prolly gotta be the worst night for wan when he punctured 2 tubes on his minivelo and had to improvise, thanks to Hakim and the busstop bike.

up the hill, to have a drink

big city lights



beatup Vans

helmi’s new tape

middle of the week rides are usually short & sweet. had a spin around the city with the KKKs and ended the night at IceColdBeer to have some blue bottled goodness.


Hakim’s Soma

latest addition to the mini-velo family. TR Bikes just finished setting up our homeboy’s new ride. fitted with white industries hubs and that wonderful Brooks Colt, this is one fine bike.


& here’s a lil video of hakim messing about during our rides.


we be ballin.

wan gay please approach

like a pro

the MondaysOhMondays boys having a ball, ballin like pros over at Downtown bowl. watch out Chris.

wrong bike, right crowd.

“what am i doing here?”

never-ending stretch

busstop pitstop

the KKKs

& i prolly just did 120km on this.

the KKK’s Far Friday. how far? 120km & i came with the wrong bike. started the ride in the middle of the island, went along the coastlines till we reached the border and back around.

i almost died over-spinning on the light ass 46-16 gearing with 20X1.95 tires but the good people of KKK kept on pushing and supporting me. & thanks to them i survived. 

1664 murdered out.

Sham’s murdered out Leader735 (pic by the KKK man himself)

the blue bottled Kronenbourg 1664

Norsham of the KKKs just built up his Leader735 over at TR Bikes and we decided to head out for a late night spin around the city but ended up riding to ICB to have a few rounds of Kronenbourgs and some wings.

everyday sunday.


some have been asking about the basket on my minivelo. its by Wald and is available thru TR Bikes. lynten was kind to hook me up with 135 grocery basket. it comes in handy whenever i need to go for beer runs or even like the name says, groceries.


the Brooks Colt on the minivelo

kicking it old school, bike chain thru the Colt&frame.

i’v been with TR Bikes for about 3 years now & they have always been dealers for Brooks & they’r 1 of the top sellers for Brooks in Singapore. seen almost every model they brought in and never once i felt a need or a liking for it.

until a few weeks back when Brooks relaunched the Colt & TR got hold of them. it was like that scene from Harry Potter where the wand choose him. ever since that day, i couldn’t get the Colt out of my mind until earlier today when Lynten offered it to me once again, since he knew i wanted it and it was the last 2 black sets left.

about the Colt.

First produced in 1979, the Colt became famous among Brooks fans for its strength and durability. The Colt was discontinued amidst mysterious circumstances occurring with the sale of Brooks in 2001, but still remains a common sight on roads and avenues around the globe, a testament to its aforementioned qualities. Oddly many a Colt found its home atop BMX bicycles during this time, an unusual deployment for a Brooks saddle, but certainly not inappropriate.

Today the Colt will appeal to a new generation already romanced by the 80’s retro look, and will therefore be introduced in colours that will appeal to this younger, style-conscious demographic. The Colt is now available in Black, Violet, and Mustard, with Pink and Turquoise being presented at Eurobike 2010. The vibrant colours are achieved through natural vegetable dyes, as are all leathers in the Brooks product line.

cut the story short, i got it. placed it on the minivelo. fitted it with an old bike chain to deter bike thieves from snatching it while i lock up the bike for beer/bar runs on my rides. & to break the leather in, i had a riding/drinking session with the guys from KKK, rode a good 40-50km with it & its all fine. oh & by the way, if any of you guys are planning to get the last black Colt, its already sold to Djohan of the KKKs a few hours after he saw my minivelo fitted with it.

what i can recall seeing is pink, mustard and celeste green left. so what you guys waiting for?


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