getting down & dirty

odd one out.

the start.

the drop, it was scary.

pitstop, the GOrilla survived.

dirty Vans.

all clean.

last friday i was invited by a group of freeride guys to join them for a night trail riding session.

i gotta admit i was a lil hesitant on going as my bike was not only a fixed gear but also i don’t have any brakes on.

so 9pm came, i gathered all the courage i had to meet them at the 1st spot. it was a hidden trail somewhere in tampines. it was dark, really dark & i had no lights. lucky thing Muzz brought extra so he loaned me my eyes for the night.

i was greeted by a steep hill the moment we entered the hidden trail. not only was it pitch black, the trail was full of mud! i can say now, my GOrilla has returned home.

about 15mins in, we saw the 1st drop. it was scary! the ruts were soft and there were alot of unseen roots. so not wanting to be left out, i went for it. halfway down, i started cursing to myself, “why don’t i have brakes!”. skidding was impossible as the ground was slippery. hahaha. the moment i reached the end, i was greeted by a group of guys cheering and calling me crazy!

after the last guy went down, we headed on to finish the trail not after another 2 scary drops & soon i find myself in old tampines road. we stop & had a few drinks and suddenly Lan suggested that we head into the infamous tampines trail. my adrenalin was pumping & again i was scared at the same time.

this 2nd trail was a lil more forgiving. it was mainly gravel rather than mud and the climbs were not as steep as before. we spent a good 30-45mins in there before heading out and racing to the pump station to get our bikes cleaned.

all in all, it was an awesome experience for me. it was my 1st and its definitely not my last!

oh trails, i will be back for more dirt!

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