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artworks for sale.

these 6 prints are up for grabs. either as a set or individually. each measures up to 16.5 x 11.7 in & is printed on fine art canvas by the wonderful people of Brilliant Prints. prints are framed and ready to be mounted on your wall.

the photos are from my Intersection project & each of these prints will be a one off. no reproductions.


every intersection has a story.

Life is like riding a bicycle. The more you pedal, the more you achieve and along the way you are greeted with obstacles, intersections like traffic lights. You stop, look around and try to overcome it and at times you take chances by trying to beat it.

Riding a fixed gear bicycle, with no brakes and gears is all about being ‘one’ between you and your bicycle, trying to control it like trying to control life. You pedal, it moves. You stop, it stops. 

email me for details if any of you are interested in purchasing my prints. or just head over here.

thank you.


TR Bikes 4th Anniversary Auction.

pink, size 49

celeste green, size 51

cream, size 53

NYC taxi cab yellow, size 55

copper plate, size 57

“TR Bikes just turn 4 and we would like to thank all of you who have supported us all these years. In return, we would like to reach out once again for your generous help to support us in this auction to aid Japan, who has endured quite a bit during these past weeks. We have decided to offer, five limited edition 1of1 custom painted Eighthinch V3 frame sets or full bikes, (whichever you prefer), up for auction. Four custom painted frames and one copper plated. Starting bid for the painted frame sets are SGD 575. & for the 1 and only copper plated frame set SGD 665. We encourage you guys to help as much as you can and we at TR Bikes would like to thank you guys in advance, once again, thank you for all the support you guys have given us all these years. Part of the sale will be donated to the Red Cross. Please bid generously. Thank you.”

my fav LBS is celebrating their 4th year anniversary and they have 5 limited edition custom painted EightInch Scrambler V3 frame sets up for auction.

head on over to the Facebook auction page and start bidding. part of the sales will be given to the Red Cross to aid Japan.

the RackJob by AlphaLabXMondaysOhMondaysXNipmuc.

i just got word from my boy Adit of AlphaLab that he just finished the RackJob project. this is our 1st ever MondaysOhMondays collab project.

what came as a joke during his recent visit for our MarchOhMarch event, about me getting a minivelo and wanting a bar+basket/rack combo was made into reality when i got an email from Adit awhile ago. i was pleased to see the proto photos. the nice curves and the chrome finish is just perfect.

Nipmuc Jeans is also tagging along in this collab where they’r be featuring Adit’s masterpiece along with a pair of jeans.

details & review will be up soon once i get my hands on this nice Racks.

White’s freewheel.

16t White Industries freewheel.

once in awhile i get a lil lazy of riding fixed and have always wanted a single speed commuter/everydaysunday bike. Yan, 1 of the friends of TR Bikes, kindly loaned me his White Industries freewheel and all i gotta say is im loving it. the response is super fast and the sound it makes is oh so wonderful.

the buzz.

this is the only freewheel you should get if you guys decide to go SS. & you know who the dealers are here in our wonderful island, the one & only pure fixed/ss bike boutique in Singapore, TR Bikes.

mini velo-love & the KKK’s invitation.

the mini bikes.

our homeboy, Wan Rizuan just caught the minivelo-love bug. apart from his GOrilla Kilroy & the EightInch commuter, he just added another steed into his stable, meet the Sillgey Piccolo. our man Lynten from our fav LBS just hooked him up with this orange baby and Wan is one happy camper.

from 700c to 26′ & now 20′. we’r getting smaller & smaller.


after a spin around the city getting accustomed to the mini bikes, we went over to Fort Road to meet up with the KKKs for a ride to Changi Village. this time instead of tearing down the roads, we went for the safer path. did a good 10-15km ride with the KKKs and ended having supper over at Changi Village.

back in stock.

4′ by 3′ vinyl sticker

our logo stickers are back in stock. grab a few in the store.

the KKKs & drop bars.

the Masi.

MacD final stop.

as some of you have known, my GOrilla has gone across the border with a new owner. that actually gave me a chance to start riding the other bikes in my stable. & last night when Norsham & Joseph from the KayuhKuatKuat gang or in short the KKK invited me to join them for a night spin around the city i finally got a chance to ride the Masi.

after a short dinner with blondie, i rushed back home to oil up the Masi and give it some TLC. 10pm came & i was already at Kallang waiting for the rest of the KKKs to reach. as a welcoming gift for me, they gave me the honor of leading the pack. so after the last member arrived, we slowly made our way out of the pavement and into the road. kallang, nicoll highway, republic ave, esplanade, city hall, fort canning tunnel, somerset, orchard into tanglin then climbing up nassim hill and then down to the botanical gardens where we stop and had some drinks over at the Prata House.

after a few rounds of drinks and me listening to the guys talk about buying houses and such which is still a lil alien to me, we decided to call it a night. & again i was to lead the pack. so this time, bukit timah, scotts road, newton, KK hospital into bugis where we’r supposed to spilt till Sham alerted me that Sunny was giving a desert treat and thus ending the ride over at Macdonald’s.

all in all, these guys from the KKK were awesome, crazy and funny. the more hills, the better which was the other way round for me but i still enjoyed my time and again, thanks alot KKK for the very warm welcome.