good morning. (as you can see i had a vid cam mounted but i something went wrong with the unit thus no vids.)

next stop, Pulau Ubin.


the awesome quarry view.

the last drop, Cobra trail. (it was scary even with front&rear brakes)

dirty Vans.

oasis in the form of a truck.

rest time.

‘red ‘coconut.

its been awhile since i got up at 6am to head out for a ride. wait, never! but this time was different. i only had about an hour of sleep but i was full of energy. so meeting time was at 7.30am over at Changi Ferry Point and i got there at around 7.15am. i was that excited, the thought of going into trails was enough to get me to ride as fast as i could from Tampines to Changi. there i met up with Hakim and the freeride guys. & the bike lineup this morning was a different sight. instead of me & hakim being the odd ones out. the bike lineup was even. we decided to let the fixed gears rest and brought out the freerides.

skip forward after the 20-30mins boat ride, we were already unloading our bikes into Pulau Ubin. cycled for about 15mins till we reach the infamous Ketam trails. i didn’t manage to capture any stills during the trail as my phone was in one of the guys bags. we spent a good 30-45mins in the trail going up and down the whole way.

when we got out the sight of a lorry filled with coconuts was like a dream. thirst quenchers!. had some local coconuts where the insides were red instead of the normal earth tone. apparently like the vendors said, it can only be found in Ubin.

after filling up on fluids & a good hour rest we finally made our way back to the jetty to head back to mainland. had a good brunch over at Changi Village and cycled back home where i had some proper shut eye.

again, we will be back for more dirt.

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