the KKKs & drop bars.

the Masi.

MacD final stop.

as some of you have known, my GOrilla has gone across the border with a new owner. that actually gave me a chance to start riding the other bikes in my stable. & last night when Norsham & Joseph from the KayuhKuatKuat gang or in short the KKK invited me to join them for a night spin around the city i finally got a chance to ride the Masi.

after a short dinner with blondie, i rushed back home to oil up the Masi and give it some TLC. 10pm came & i was already at Kallang waiting for the rest of the KKKs to reach. as a welcoming gift for me, they gave me the honor of leading the pack. so after the last member arrived, we slowly made our way out of the pavement and into the road. kallang, nicoll highway, republic ave, esplanade, city hall, fort canning tunnel, somerset, orchard into tanglin then climbing up nassim hill and then down to the botanical gardens where we stop and had some drinks over at the Prata House.

after a few rounds of drinks and me listening to the guys talk about buying houses and such which is still a lil alien to me, we decided to call it a night. & again i was to lead the pack. so this time, bukit timah, scotts road, newton, KK hospital into bugis where we’r supposed to spilt till Sham alerted me that Sunny was giving a desert treat and thus ending the ride over at Macdonald’s.

all in all, these guys from the KKK were awesome, crazy and funny. the more hills, the better which was the other way round for me but i still enjoyed my time and again, thanks alot KKK for the very warm welcome.

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