the RackJob by AlphaLabXMondaysOhMondaysXNipmuc.

i just got word from my boy Adit of AlphaLab that he just finished the RackJob project. this is our 1st ever MondaysOhMondays collab project.

what came as a joke during his recent visit for our MarchOhMarch event, about me getting a minivelo and wanting a bar+basket/rack combo was made into reality when i got an email from Adit awhile ago. i was pleased to see the proto photos. the nice curves and the chrome finish is just perfect.

Nipmuc Jeans is also tagging along in this collab where they’r be featuring Adit’s masterpiece along with a pair of jeans.

details & review will be up soon once i get my hands on this nice Racks.

  1. woah… looking real good!

  1. August 18th, 2011

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