TR Bikes 4th Anniversary Auction.

pink, size 49

celeste green, size 51

cream, size 53

NYC taxi cab yellow, size 55

copper plate, size 57

“TR Bikes just turn 4 and we would like to thank all of you who have supported us all these years. In return, we would like to reach out once again for your generous help to support us in this auction to aid Japan, who has endured quite a bit during these past weeks. We have decided to offer, five limited edition 1of1 custom painted Eighthinch V3 frame sets or full bikes, (whichever you prefer), up for auction. Four custom painted frames and one copper plated. Starting bid for the painted frame sets are SGD 575. & for the 1 and only copper plated frame set SGD 665. We encourage you guys to help as much as you can and we at TR Bikes would like to thank you guys in advance, once again, thank you for all the support you guys have given us all these years. Part of the sale will be donated to the Red Cross. Please bid generously. Thank you.”

my fav LBS is celebrating their 4th year anniversary and they have 5 limited edition custom painted EightInch Scrambler V3 frame sets up for auction.

head on over to the Facebook auction page and start bidding. part of the sales will be given to the Red Cross to aid Japan.

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